The Story of the Sea Turtle Painting and the dream come true…….it was on my first vacation to Hawaii in 2001, while snorkeling, that I encountered the most magnificent animal I’ve ever been that close to. I was so close I could have touched him, but this is against the law in Hawaii. The bacteria from our hands erodes away their protective shell and can eventually kill them. So I swam with him as long as I could, took some pictures with a disposable under water camera. My heart and soul were forever connected to him and all of their kind. My love for the water and swimming in it since I was 9 months old, had now taken on an even deeper more profound meaning.

At the end of our trip we were walking down the main street in Lahaina. HI, shopping, well some shopping and some dream shopping!! One of the last shops we entered was a art gallery. We looked at some beautiful art. All at once I saw it, MY turtle, it had to be captured so brilliantly with a camera. The water, the turtle was so crisp, I wanted it SO bad. It was large, probably 2 foot by 4 foot picture, I don’t remember the rest of the details because the sticker shock, it had me, well had me shocked, $2000.00. $2000.00 today is still a lot of money and it was a gigantic amount to me 15 years ago. And so the dream began. I knew that I wanted and would have my turtle picture at some point hung on my wall in my home.

Life went on and I went on with it. Other trips to Hawaii and more connections with the sea turtles and the underwater life only made me more certain of my dream being a reality. I knew I would one day have it, but I had no idea how or when.

Two years ago, I started to get the longing again but this time it stayed and didn’t let go. Everything sea turtle started to come my way and I bought it all up. Rugs, necklaces, metal sculptures, and with each one I knew I was that much closer. Then the thought came in, “well if what you want is a portrait of a sea turtle, than stop buying everything that isn’t the portrait of the sea turtle”. All of this stuff is great and I love it AND are you keeping yourself from getting what you want by putting all of your energy in all these other places that are NOT what your ultimate dream is.

And so another dream was hatched simultaneously, Zero Balances on Credit Cards!!! This is where my energy shifted to actively allowing this to be the dream come true. The Sea Turtle was still there very strong, there was just something that was nagging me to do this first and so I did. Along the way I walked into my salon and there was a new picture on the wall an employee had painted. Well this employee, Jeffrey Batchelor, had taken a job to enjoy the social aspect of the little posh salon in downtown Apex, NC. I had had many conversations with him on the phone and I loved him instantly. He was energetic and positive and he had something I really was drawn to, an energy. I had no idea he was only moonlighting as a receptionist for the fun and play of it. When I saw this painting, I had made up my mind, this is who I want to hire to do my turtle painting. I didn’t even know if he did sea life or if he painted for people in the way I was wanting. Turns out he is pretty BIG TIME!!! Has pieces in large hotels in Florida and is commissioned by some fairly respected folks around the country. All of this I didn’t find out until after he gave me his web address. Talented is a dramatic understatement. Brilliance made manifest, may began to describe what he is able to do with Paint.

And so one day at the beginning of 2015 I asked him as I walked into the salon if he would consider doing a painting for me. We talked for a moment about what I wanted and he said yes.

So I invited him to come over to the house to see where I envisioned it hanging and to get the details of what I wanted. After we talked and imagined together and I was alive with inspiration we talked about cost. I had no idea what art cost these days as I had never bought any, let alone paid someone to paint for me. To say I was surprised by the cost would be like comparing childbirth to having a heavy period!!
And I didn’t miss a beat. I said ok and told him I would need some time to get a deposit and continue to allow for Zero Balances on my credit cards. I had made up my mind and I continued to keep the play button pressed, even though I had no idea how it was going to happen. I decided “what” and left the details to the Universe. Two weeks later I received a check in the mail from a client who usually pays quarterly and decided to pay for the entire year at once, the EXACT amount of the painting. At this point I marveled in the exactness of the practice I do and declared and decided that zero balances came first, I kept the play button on this pressed as well. I was one step closer and it felt great and exciting and liberating and freeing!

So in August of 2015, I sent Jeffrey a deposit and we began! I had set the intention for December 31, 2015 or sooner to have the painting AND zero balances. On December 6, 2015, my painting was delivered and hung! This painting was not just about my connection with the sea turtles I encountered and the underwater life, it was much bigger than that. I had Jeffrey paint all of our initials in the painting in a way that only those who knew they were there, could see them. I wanted this is to represent the most important aspects of my life, all in one painting. This painting was for me and only for me. Something in my life that I can say, there hasn’t been a whole lot of as it pertains to something other than moments I take for myself regularly. I desired it to be a reminder of what’s POSSIBLE when I am aligned and in the flow, On Path…On Purpose, No Matter What! I now have a larger than life reference that I get to see daily, that declares loud and clear, “OH YES YOU CAN and you have, and you will continue to!!!!!!”

So, Jeffrey Batchelor, thank you, thank you, thank you for being part of my 15 year, Dream Come True! I look forward to the next Dream made manifest with your support and gift!!

Not to sound to sales pitchy…. And…If you think Jeffrey might be able to help you to have one of your dreams come true, visit his website for more about his work and what he can do for you!!!!

With love,

Jenifer Alejo

Article by Jenifer Alejo

Jenifer Alejo is the founder of Growing Deeper Life Coaching. She specializes in Life, Spiritual, and Business Coaching. Jenifer's purpose is to help people move forward and set personal, spiritual, and professional goals that will give them the life they really want. Most life coaching clients are healthy, successful people who might be a bit stuck or simply want to make a big change in their lives and want the support of their own personal coach to do so!

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