If we get into our car and we head from wherever we are at any given point to our home, our destination is then, home.

If on the way home we encounter a detour that takes us an unfamiliar route, we take the route because our destination hasn’t changed because the way to get there has, we still head home.

If on the new route we get a flat tire, we may be upset, our arrival time my even change, but we our destination is still home.

Can you imagine we got out of the car, looked at the tire and said, “ well this totally sucks” we sit down next to the car, on the highway, next to the flat tire and declare “ I guess this is my new home”.

The thought of that is absolutely ridiculous right? Of course we would not do that. We would call someone to help us fix the tire, so we could get back in and drive home. If by some chance the car was actually totaled, we would call someone and have them come pick us up and take us…..HOME. If no-one was available, you would do whatever you needed to do to get home. You would walk, run, skip, hop, jump or do cart wheels until you got there. Your destination is still home. Makes total and complete sense doesn’t it?

Well why then when it comes to our “Spiritual Home” do we historically give up so quickly? Our Spiritual Home is not a destination, it is a feeling, a sense, a knowing, an essence and when you are HOME you know it with every part of your body, mind and soul. It is that feeling inside of you that is screaming, begging pleading to be expressed through you. When we are home we are lit up with passion and enthusiasm. We feel more alive than we ever have. We are clear, certain, in the fast and fun flow of life and we KNOW that we can do anything, be anything, choose anything and it is ours!!! But most of us historically, are so quick to sit by the tire, in the middle of the highway and completely change our HOME because we got a “no” or a “not right now” or someone else’s spiritual home was not the same as ours. We give up our dreams because they don’t line up with someone else’s. And every time we do that, it’s heavy and it might feel like you can’t breathe and that the life has been literally sucked out of, you, feel like you are living for nothing, and despair and depression are a common occurrence, lifeless, desperate, passionless, without a HOME.

That is not the life we were intended to live, not any of us. We are here to be lit up with passion and enthusiasm and love and laughter and compassion and Joy and Peace and celebrating the days and the moments and reaching and stretching and growing. So GO NOW, GO HOME!!! Give yourself permission to be passionate about whatever your heart longs for. Live for your Alignment and not someone else’s. Imagine a world where everyone was living a life they loved living. How blissful would that be? Well it starts with one, You, right now. Choose it. Go Home and stay Home, no matter where you are!!

With so much love and gratitude always,

Jenifer Alejo

Article by Jenifer Alejo

Jenifer Alejo is the founder of Growing Deeper Life Coaching. She specializes in Life, Spiritual, and Business Coaching. Jenifer's purpose is to help people move forward and set personal, spiritual, and professional goals that will give them the life they really want. Most life coaching clients are healthy, successful people who might be a bit stuck or simply want to make a big change in their lives and want the support of their own personal coach to do so!

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