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    Life Coaching

    If you are interested in life coaching, look no further than Growing Deeper Life Coaching. Together, you and I can assess your particular life situation and address the areas where you feel unfulfilled. In a broad sense, my personal development counseling can address any challenges you may have with emotional issues that are holding you […]

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    Spiritual Coaching

    Do you find that you are moving through life, and perhaps even succeeding in most aspirations, and yet still feel unfulfilled spiritually? You may be the ideal candidate for spiritual coaching. It is a natural part of life to search for the self-discovery and divine wisdom that can bring peace, inner harmony, and balance to our […]

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    Business Coaching

    If your business is in need of rehabilitation, and you are simply unsure where to start in making the turn-around you need to unlock the full possibilities for success, consider Growing Deeper Life Coaching your solution for business coaching.. It is often difficult to view your own business situation with an objective eye and to […]

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Client Testimonials

My work with Jen has taught me to be aware and live a conscious life. I know that based on my thoughts, words and actions I have control of what happens to me. I am aware of my ability to make changes and take care of myself in order to be my best self. I have learned the importance of self care and self love. I have learned the importance of consistency. I have learned the importance of identifying challenges and working through them.

I have learned how to breathe and let go. I am very fortunate to have worked with Jen for so many years. I am grateful for her love, friendship, guidance and support. She is incredible person who has certainly changed my life and so many others that I know. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone who is looking for a better way to go life with awareness, spirituality and love.

When I came to Jenifer Alejo three months ago, I was seeking more awareness for taking better care of my body and my business. In the three months, I have gained so much more. Not only am I more aware of how my body works and how to care for myself, I have clothes that are fitting better and energy to get more accomplished in a day.

My work was at a standstill, even though I am happy doing what I do, in 10 years this kind of work is not going to be practical for my physical body. With Jenifer’s guidance, I am taking courageous steps towards new income streams which are already adding to my monthly budget.

There have been many unexpected results from working with Jenifer such as recognizing I have power within myself to make changes to, improve or release anything in my life. With this gift of my own power and her exceptional gift of words in prayer, I am BEING the person I have desired to be.

Tony Robbins Seminars are life-changing, I know first hand. I was ready to grow again when I was introduced to Jenifer. From my first visit with her, things started to shift, to serve me now, in the present time. Having the one on one experience, allows the sessions to be all about me. We all want our special time, where it is all about ourselves. With Jenifer’s guidance, technique and knowledge, I am invited to shift the beliefs, words, phrases and actions that no longer serve me and to allow and recognize opportunities to surface, moving me forward into the vastness where I NOW KNOW, Anything and Everything is Possible!

I have completed my 4th session with Jenifer and have celebrated several shifts in the mind, body, soul, career and finances already! Of course, many of these subjects affect our relationships with family and friends which have shifted for the better as well, creating a happier than I have ever been, ME!

I highly recommend her as a life and/or spiritual coach and look forward to continued success with her. Thank you Jenifer for everything!!


Jenifer Alejo

My goal as your life coach is to draw out what motivates you, and to help you to discover the approach that works best for you. Success in life is not measured the same by everyone, and my job is not to tell you what success should mean for you. Instead, I aim to guide you and to impart refined communications skills, customized motivation, and to bring out the natural leader that exists inside of you, so that you can discover success for yourself.

Growing Deeper Life Coaching
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“Share your beauty with the world and let the world share its beauty with you.”


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