Marriage is like a flowering bush or tree. The most common misconception is that you can plant it and then it will take care of itself. People are treating their marriages as passive practice. When marriages are treated as a passive practice, the results are always the match to that, they don’t bare much fruit and often resemble a wilting and lifeless specimen. A flowering plant, bush or tree, needs active care, it needs the proper soil conditions, sunlight, water, food, weed pulling and insect management and this is often a several times a week process or it doesn’t flower and if neglected too long….it dies. Why on earth, would we then think that we could do similar things with our marriages expecting it to bloom without proper care and nurturing, feeding, loving and time. We can logically , “duh, that makes total sense”, but how many of us are actually putting in the time and effort for a blooming marriage?

127.5 million people get married each year and 877,000 people get divorced. Those numbers are staggering. So how do we not become a statistic? I want everyone on this planet to enjoy a fulfilling marriage, one that feels good and is in alignment. Having the happily ever after does not mean, not having some down right painful miss steps along the way, however, nurturing a marriage allows for those miss steps, to be just that, and NOT a relationship ender. The great news is this…….we can start anywhere, we just have to start. Up until this point you may have planted the tree and left it to fend for itself. Its suffering because of it, but it can be restored and renewed with some active TLC. You likely have quite a few of the components, now its just about creating the space, time and plan to lovingly build the proper environment for a lasting blooming ever increasing, growing and expanding relationship. This is the most common theme with my clients. In fact I haven’t had one client begin with me that had a marriage or relationship they had in been in for over 6- 12 months, that resembled anything like what they envisioned before they got in to it. You’ve still got time!!! Get this in place!! It may be very different then what you have been doing and if what you have been doing hasn’t gotten you the results you want, I invite you try something new. Challenge is, when its new we don’t think we need check in’s because we are running off the “in love fumes”!! They are only sustaining for a little while. I’ll remind you, you are a powerful co-creator with The Universe, start creating what you DO want. If you haven’t yet, sign up for my 4 free tips and get started with you. Get clear on what you want and then move in that direction.

Sending you so much love!!

Jenifer Alejo

Article by Jenifer Alejo

Jenifer Alejo is the founder of Growing Deeper Life Coaching. She specializes in Life, Spiritual, and Business Coaching. Jenifer's purpose is to help people move forward and set personal, spiritual, and professional goals that will give them the life they really want. Most life coaching clients are healthy, successful people who might be a bit stuck or simply want to make a big change in their lives and want the support of their own personal coach to do so!

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