The Destination Is Still Home

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If we get into our car and we head from wherever we are at any given point to our home, our destination is then, home. If on the way home we encounter a detour that takes us an unfamiliar route, we take the route because our destination hasn’t changed because the way to get there […]

Nurturing Your Marriage

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Marriage is like a flowering bush or tree. The most common misconception is that you can plant it and then it will take care of itself. People are treating their marriages as passive practice. When marriages are treated as a passive practice, the results are always the match to that, they don’t bare much fruit […]

The Sea Turtle Painting

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The Story of the Sea Turtle Painting and the dream come true…….it was on my first vacation to Hawaii in 2001, while snorkeling, that I encountered the most magnificent animal I’ve ever been that close to. I was so close I could have touched him, but this is against the law in Hawaii. The bacteria […]